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The Koenigs are less than $3000 away from being fully-funded after the GIVEAWAY!  Praise God! It’s not too late to help and be part of God’s Provision for them…their Lifesong grant (which matched donations $ for $) is still open.

You can donate w/paypal or by mailing a check…see link: 

be sure to put in the comments (on paypal) or memo (on a personal check) that it is for the Koenig #1910 Adoption

Here is the mail address:

Lifesong for Orphans, ATTN: Koenig #1910
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744


the winners for the Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY:

Polish Pottery: 0049 Wendy Gariepy
Diamond Necklace: 0094 Diana Nieto

**drawing conducted on**

so, today’s the last day folks! tomorrow at 7AM CST we will draw winners for the Polish pottery and then the diamond necklace 🙂 I’ll post the winners on this blog and on my facebook and will contact winners by email

here is the post about how to donate and be part of the GIVEAWAY

thanks to everyone who has donated and shared…I’m still trusting God to bring fulfillment to my “goal” for raising money for the Koenigs…He is faithful and mighty and worthy of our praise!

It’s Payday! Must read…

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First, this is not meant to be a guilt trip from me to get people to donate to the GIVEAWAY.  However, I’m fully convinced that if you do feel guilt/conviction, it is God working on your heart.  As Christians, we know from Scripture that the Father disciplines His children because He loves us and desires what He knows is best for us.  So, if you’re convicted, thank God that He loves you and is revealing His Truth to you…

That being said, today is payday for most people (my family included), and we will make decisions today, this week, this month about how to spend that money.  Surely everyone has set bills to pay, mortgages, rent, utilities, car payments perhaps, student loan repayments, etc.  However, I’m fully convinced that almost every American spends money on things that are simply excess non essentials.  Please know that I am not saying we should never splurge on a family vacation, gift for a loved one, dinner date with our spouse, or flea market treasure 🙂 Yet, what I have been personally convicted of is that, as a Christian, how I (my family) spend(s) money reflects directly on what our hearts are and what our hearts are for.  I believe this is why there is so much Scripture in the Bible about money.  I also believe there is a fine line that is often crossed regarding legalism and money (worshipping the law), but I also believe sometimes (perhaps more often) Christians cross the line in the other direction (abusing grace and freedom in Christ), specifically with money issues.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a person who says he or she is a Christian say he/she doesn’t tithe because that’s part of “the law” or doesn’t give abundantly because “God knows his/her heart and that he/she has bills to pay”…and I could go on and on…

Not quite sure where I’m going with this, but basically…it comes down to this.  Giving is a command of God…not because He is a cruel greedy God, but because He loves us so much and knows the rewards (here and in eternity) of giving.  He does want what is best for us.  I, personally, could speak endlessly of the rewards my family has experienced through giving…particularly giving sacrificially.  Trust me, I understand that times are hard for many people right now.  Jobs are hard to find and keep, pay is getting cut, expenses are on the rise.  However, I am fairly certain most of us could look at our spending habits and find that we (as middle class/upper class Americans anyway) ((note…even “poor” Americans are wealthy compared to much of the world)) spend A LOT on excess “stuff.”  I challenge everyone to keep a record of EVERY thing you spend money on for a whole month…IT IS EYE OPENING!! You’ll notice how every cup of coffee, trip through a drive-through, candy bar in the check out line, pack of cigarrettes (perhaps), night out, etc. ADDS UP!

Okay, so now my real point/challenge…this payday I challenge us all to prayerfully consider what we can do without, and then, what we can DO with that money.  There are so many amazing opportunities out there to give and invest in.  Adoption is just one.  If you do feel God calling you to be part of helping an orphan find his/her forever family, Reece’s Rainbow is an amazing opportunity to partner with a family or donate to a waiting child’s grant.

Many families are very close to travelling to get their kiddos home, but are simply waiting on money.  One such family is the Koenigs, who I’ve been trying to help fundraise for.  There are 2 days left of the MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY…if you feel led, please donate and/or share the link on your fb or blog.  Full details on how to donate as well as the GIVEAWAY details are on this blog post:

ALSO, FREE custom Mother’s Day card for ALL donors, FREE entry for sharing (just email and let me know you shared)…there are 2 PRIZES (a diamond necklace and a piece of authentic Polish pottery)

AND, if you’re not convinced that Americans waste money, skim through the article excerpt below:

Top 10 Things Americans Waste the Most Money On

Posted by Douglas McIntyre, Michael Sauter, Charles Stockdale <!– in Archives, Right Column –>on February 28, 2011 8:00 am

“24/7 Wall St. reviewed how Americans spend money. One of the conclusions of this analysis is that consumer spending is relatively alive and well, despite the recession.”

10. Apparel Products and Services
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $249

This category includes unnecessary purchases such as clothing rentals and storage, dry cleaning, jewelry, and watch repair.  Clothing and shoe repairs, which are also included, are rarely considered a waste, but they account for a relatively modest portion of this category.  The average amount spent per household is $249. 

9. Tobacco
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $380

The average household spends more than $380 each year on tobacco products and smoking supplies, which includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco. It is worth remembering that this average includes households where no one pays for tobacco products. Despite this fact, tobacco’s portion of the average household’s budget, 0.8%, is larger than what Americans spend on fresh fruit and milk combined. A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day in New York state will spend more than $4,000 a year, which is roughly 10% of the average American income before taxes.

8. Entertainment Equipment and Services, Nonessential
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $400

Products in this category include bicycles, trailers, camping equipment, hunting and fishing equipment, sports equipment, boats, photographic equipment and supplies.  The average expenditures dedicated to items in this category among all households is $400.  The greatest average amount, $870, occurs among households with a husband, wife, and an eldest child age 6 to 17 years. 

7. Alcohol
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $435
In 2009, the average American household spent $435 on beer, wine, hard liquor, and mixed drinks. This is more than the amount spent on all non-alcoholic beverages combined. Despite the higher prices often paid in restaurants and bars, the majority of money spent is on alcohol is for drinks consumed in the home. Households consisting only of a husband and wife spent an average of $582, roughly $400 more than single-parent households.

6. Fees and Admissions
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $628

In 2009, the average household spent $628 on fees and admissions for sporting events, films, and concerts. This category also includes club memberships and movie rentals. These costs are more than what the average household spent on personal care products. People in the Northeast spent $780 on this category, about $370 more than those in the South.

5. Lodging, Vacation Homes and Hotels
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $672

The average American household spent more than $670 on vacation homes and hotels. While this is more than the $485 spent twenty years ago, Americans are actually spending less than they used to on their total budgets – 1.7% in 1989 versus 1.4% in 2009. As might be expected, households which make more than $70,000 each year spent far more than the average American: $1,511 in 2009. Households in the Northeast spent $924 on vacation homes and hotels, nearly double what those in the South pay each year.

4. Pets, Toys, Hobbies, and Playground Equipment
Annual Amount Spent Per Household: $690

The average household spent nearly $700 on pets, toys, hobbies, and playground equipment. Nearly 80% of the expenses in this category come from pets, including food and veterinary bills. In contrast, households only spent $140 on toys and games. Families with the oldest child under 6 only spent $670. Families with a child older than 18 spent nearly $1,200. Most of this difference comes from significantly more spending on veterinary services.

3. Television, Radio, and Sound Equipment
Amount Spent Per Household: $975

In 2009, the average household spent $975 on television, radio, and sound equipment, including cable TV, video game hardware, and movie players.  This amount is up from $429 in 1989.  For comparison, the average amount spent on reading material, which is another household expenditure category, was only $109. 

2. Gifts
Amount Spent Per Household: $1,067
Although Americans spend a great deal of money on unnecessary goods and services for themselves, they also spend a large amount on gifts for others.  The average amount spent on gifts (including housing, apparel, and entertainment items) per household in 2009 was $1,067.  This amount has increased from $887 in 2009. 

1. Food Away From Home
Amount Spent Per Household: $2,619

Food away from home includes all meals at fast food, take-out, delivery, full-service restaurants, and at vending machines and food carts.  In 2009, the average household spent $2,619 on food away from home, compared to an average $1,762 in 1989.  The group which spent the most in this category, relative to household income, are those which make less than $5,000 a year.  This group spent an average 6.2% of their total budget on food away from home. Those making between $5,000 and $9,999 spent 4.7%.

Yesterday was a big day for the GIVEAWAY! Praying these last 3 days will be overflowing with blessings for the Koenigs.

Photos of the prizes are on the blog now (a couple posts back)

The Mother’s Day custom card is done and will be sent immediately to you via email upon receiving your donation 🙂

FREE entry for sharing…email and let me know you shared!

Full details on how to enter are in this post:

The Koenig’s appt. is May 23rd!  SO, less than a month until they travel, which means they need our help! In order to get to Vika’s country and complete her adoption, they still need $8000+….

the GIVEAWAY ends in 4 days…please consider a donation today! or, share with someone else 🙂 Let’s get their Lifesong for Orphans grant maxed out (will match up to $4000)!!

prize photos posted in the previous blog post…there are 2 prizes now 🙂 the diamond necklace and a piece of polish pottery!

full details in this post:

Here’s the necklace :)

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Can we do it?  No….BUT GOD CAN!!! He is moving hearts as I type…I just know it 🙂

Click the link below for full details on this Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY to help the Koenigs get Vika home!

**I’ve added a 2nd prize- a piece of authentic Polish Pottery…will post a pic soon

ONLY 6 days left to help raise funds for the Koenigs to bring Vika home w/the Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY…

thank you to everyone who has donated…for those who haven’t seen yet…this is a DIAMOND NECKLACE GIVEAWAY (just in time for Mother’s Day)…

AND, there’s more…

I’m adding a 2nd prize (**hint**it will be a piece of authentic Polish Pottery) more details to come!! see the link below for full details!

**remember, all donors get a custom Mother’s day card to give to special moms/grandmas/friends in their life 🙂